Spring Term

This term we have been full at nursery with 101 children and no more admissions until September.  Primary School teachers have been coming into nursery to meet children moving onto school and parents have been to chat with their child's key person about their development and progress and to look at their Learning Journey observations.  


The summer term is always an exciting time at nursery with a focus on growing and the anticipation of warmer weather to come so that we can enjoy our wonderful outdoor environment.  The children (and parents) have been excited to see the eggs hatch and the nursery has been filled with the sound of chicks for the past week.  They will return to the farm tomorrow to start their new adventure and explore the big outdoors!  


The caterpillars have cocooned and will now be put into the viewing net outside reception.  They should hopefully emerge as butterflies by the end of next week and the children will see them fly off in the garden.


Finally, our Saturday Special which focused on gardening, was a great success and was attended by lots of our children and families, who dug over and replanted the raised beds in the back garden, potted seeds to take home, made pictures from natural leaves and petals and made their own sandwiches for lunch. 


Our next Saturday Special will be on the 10th June and will form part of Sheffield’s Early Education Centenary celebrations. Please watch out for the flyer coming soon.