Parents Comments

These are some of the comments that parents fed back to us:


The staff are always very kind and helpful with both children and parents. You can tell they put everything into the Nursery and care about everyone in it. The events put on by Nursery help build the community around the children and it’s a very special place.


Just about everything! The staff, the environment. A Headteacher who is very engaged with the children and very approachable. There are a wide range of activities available every week and the variety in “themes” every week is excellent.


The staff and how much you clearly care for the children.


The teachers are outstanding and fully understand our child. We were a little concerned to send him to nursery at first but, both parents and child gained much confidence at Broomhall and all are happy !!! Thank You!!!


The interaction between the staff and children is superb - all the staff are involved and fully committed at all times.


Quality teaching and learning.  Extensive outdoor provision.  We feel happy leaving him as we know he will be so well cared for.


What can we say? It has been an immense privilege for us and our children to be at Broomhall. An amazing and inspiring team and we will continue to praise and recommend Broomhall to all our friends.


Friendly and approachable staff. Lot of activities and opportunities for learning by children.

Encourages interactive parents’ participation by organising maths and phonics workshops, etc.


The warmth and care that the staff offers to the children and to parents and carers. This feels genuine and full of love! The creative opportunities that are offered for the children to explore, learn and play are exceptional. The dedication and playfulness of the staff has been fantastic.


They take good care of our young explorers.


Its inclusive values and caring staff, meaning every child feels safe, secure and is given an environment in which to thrive.


The culture and ethos of both the community and teaching and learning. Staff are warm welcoming and well trained. Children love going and are clearly making great progress.


Variety of activities/experiences that are continually updated.


The staff’s approach, knowledge, and value of child development. They are flexible and broad minded in the way they view each child as unique, while managing them to develop a collective identity. They are always cheerful and find creative ways for introducing topics to all children. They capitalise on each child’s interests to encourage then to learn through play. I think that staff understands that each child has their own pace of play and learning and are very inclusive with their activities for children and parents.


The teachers! The art show, the outside space, the atmosphere. He has been so very happy we will really miss it. 


Thank you so much for giving our boys the very best start in life. We have seen them develop so much over the past year.


You have all been so warm and welcoming and I couldn’t have wished for a better group of amazing people to be around and learn from. Thank you for making me part of a team.


This nursery has been amazing and we honestly don’t think she could have got a better start anywhere else.


The progress we’ve seen in his speech has been wonderful and I’m sure that we owe that to him starting at Broomhall.


In Broomhall, you have created a place that is nurturing, joyful inspiring and celebratory.


To all the staff at the best nursery in the world. Thank you for all your hard work, energy, stamina, creativity, patience, brilliant ideas and unfailing good humour.