Free Early Learning and Childcare Fees

Free Early Learning

All children are entitled to fifteen hours Free Early Learning (FEL) per week, during term time. Since September 2017 many working parents of 3 and 4 year olds are eligible for 30 hour Free Early Learning per week in term time. Please visit to find out what support you are eligible for or refer to our leaflet about 30 hours Free Early Learning and Tax-Free Childcare. Children are eligible for a FEL place according to their date of birth as outlined on the table below.


A child born on or beforewill become eligible for a free place fromEligible Term
1 April and 31 August1 September following their 3rd birthdayAutumn
1 September and 31 December1 January following their 3rd birthdaySpring
1 January and 31 March1 April following their 3rd birthdaySummer


Please bring your child’s birth certificate or passport to the office to confirm their date of birth.


Session Times

Nursery is open from 8am to 5.30pm every weekday in term time, excluding Bank Holidays and Staff Training Days. The standard sessions we offer parents are based on 3 hour morning and 3 hour afternoon sessions. If a parent is entitled to access the 30 hour FEL offer and they wish to take up the full 30 hours they can also access our Extended Offer.




Breakfast Club



Early Risers



Core Morning

£19.50 or FEL 


Core Day






After School Club



Core Afternoon

£19.50 or FEL   


Tea Club



15 hours FEL

At Broomhall Nursery you can use your 15 hour FEL during our core morning (8.45am-11.45am) or afternoon sessions (12.45pm-3.45pm). Most parents choose 5 mornings or 5 afternoons but it is possible to have any combination of paid and FEL sessions within our Standard Offer.



5 morning sessions 8.45am to 11.45am = 15 hours at nursery.

15 hours FEL.

Weekly bill = £0.


3 full days 8.45am to 3.45pm = 21 hours at nursery.

15 hours FEL (3 x am plus 2 x pm sessions)

6 hours paid sessions (3 lunch sessions @ £6.50 and one afternoon session @ £19.50).

Weekly bill = £39.00


30 hours FEL

Parents can choose from two different ways of using their 30 hours FEL:

  1. Standard Session Pattern (available for any number of FEL sessions up to and including the full 30 hours).

  2. Extended Free Entitlement Pattern (only available if you use all 30 hours of your FEL entitlement).


With the Standard Session Pattern you can book as many core morning (8.45am-11.45am) and/or core afternoon sessions (12.45pm-3.45pm) as you like and these will all be free. Lunchtime sessions are charged at £6.50 and these will need to be booked alongside free core morning and afternoon sessions to make full days (8.45am-3.45pm). You can also buy Breakfast Club and Tea Club sessions to give you an early start or a later finish to a day.



3 full days 8.45am to 3.45pm = 21 hours at nursery

18 hour FEL (3 x am plus 3 x pm sessions using the Standard Offer)

3 lunch sessions @ £6.50

Weekly bill = £19.50


With the Extended Free Entitlement Pattern you have to take 5 full days 9.30am to 3.30pm and can choose to add paid for Early Risers and/or After School Club sessions as you wish.



5 full days 9.30am – 3.30pm = 30 hours at nursery

30 hour FEL

Weekly bill = £0.


5 full days 9.30am – 3.30pm plus Early Risers on 2 mornings = 33 hours at nursery

30 hours FEL (5 x full day sessions using the Extended Offer)

2 Early Risers @ £10 (1.5 hours each session)

Weekly Bill = £20


FEL Terms and Conditions


If you take a family holiday during the 38 funded weeks, only the first four weeks of your holiday will be funded each year. If you wish to take additional holidays or extended leave to home country and would like us to keep your child’s place open then we will need to charge you for any sessions not covered by the Free Early Learning holiday entitlement. Alternatively you can reapply for a place at Broomhall Nursery when you return to Sheffield, although a place cannot be guaranteed.


If you wish to leave nursery and/or change provider midway through the term, you will be asked to give 4 weeks notice. Within this notice period you will not be able to claim FEL at another provider and you will be liable for any paid for sessions.


We will ask you to sign a Parental Agreement Form each term to confirm how many FEL hours per week and weeks of the term you intend to claim at Broomhall Nursery School and if you are claiming any hours at another setting.