"The support for children with SEND is a strength of the school.  The school have established clear processes to identify and assess children's learning" Ofsted 2023

Broomhall Nursery School is one of seven Early Years Centres of Excellence.  The centres are committed to:

  • promote and support the delivery of inclusion, particularly for vulnerable families
  • lead and develop a working together model across the sectors to achieve strong working relationships and consistency of high quality early learning
  • develop consistency of assessment across the sectors to secure early identification of additional needs
  • develop a model of moderation to secure consistently high quality accurate assessment and tracking processes across the sectors for children from 2 years to 5 years
  • develop an effective transition model with high quality information sharing that ensures children are ready for school and schools are ready for children
  • develop high quality information sharing across the city, within localities and communities to meet the needs of all children and their families
  • be at the forefront of the latest research, policy and practice and ensure that this is disseminated across the sectors


Broomhall Nursery School receives an increasing number of children with SEN and is well regarded as a Centre of Excellence. We have been working alongside the LA for a number of years to develop a SEN Hub to maximise the use of our excellent practitioners and environment.  The primary needs of the children we serve are multi varied; including autistic spectrum disorder, Down’s syndrome, developmental delay, specific chromosomal syndrome, hearing impairment with speech and language, social and communication needs.


Our local offer is listed in the Sheffield Directory which you can view following this link.