What's happening down at Broomhall!

Working with an artist

Now we have our Shepherds Hut in situ (we are just waiting for the steps to be installed) we are seeking external grant funding to help us secure an artist from Create Sheffield to come to work with us on a project which uses items previously destined for landfill.

If you know of any funding streams that might support us in this let us know. We have this week applied to the Harry Bottom Trust for a grant up to £2600 to support this work. Let’s hope we are successful to kick start the project teaching children about reusing and recycling to support art work.


Christmas Concert

As we cannot hold our traditional Christmas concert this year due to COVID 19 restrictions we are planning that each base will record a few songs they will be learning over the next couple of weeks to share with you before the end of term. Please let us know if you do not want your child being recorded and shared with other families within the class. We know this won’t be the same as seeing the concert in person but it is the best way we know to keep everyone safe.


The Curiosity Approach Accreditation

Many of you will already know that for the last year we have been working towards gaining accreditation from the Curiosity Approach and gathering evidence to share with the assessors. Like everything, COVID 19 has had an impact on this but we have been striving to complete the modules. We are nearly there and all staff have been involved in this. There are six modules:

  • The Environment - we have looked at our learning environment and made changes to make it more cosy and calming with the use of lights and natural colour schemes.
  • Open Ended Materials or Loose Parts - we offer children a range of natural resources that can be used in a wide range of ways and have moved away from manufactured plastic toys.  Loose Parts are the opposite to toys. Toys are designed for a specific purpose, loose parts are not.

“ In any environment, both the degree of inventiveness and creativity and the possibility of discovery, are directly proportional to the numbers and kinds of variables in it” Simon Nicholson The Theory of Loose Parts 1971.

  • Invitations to Learning - our mission is to spark the curiosity and let the children lead the way. We set up activities to invite children to come and explore, to be curious and inquisitive and to find out about the world in which they live.
  • High Expectations - this is about our teachers and practitioners being mindful of the children and their interests, constantly reflecting, evolving and making adjustments to the environment and teaching in the light of understanding specific children in our nursery school. It’s about planning in the moment to extend children’s learning and thinking.
  • Senses - we celebrate the seasons and the senses. Children learn about their world through their five senses, by touch, taste, smell , sound and sight.
  • Storytelling and the Power of Story - reading to children even before they can understand words, teaches them to associate books with love and affection. Reading and sharing stories can help children get to know sounds, words, language and develop literacy skills.. it can spark children’s imagination and stimulate curiosity. It’s about providing a book rich environment.