Welcome back!

The beginning of this term saw many logisitical challenges in terms of how the nursery would operate under the new Covid-19 regulations.  No one knew how the new term would start.  Would it be an anxious time for staff and parents?  Would the children settle after all this time of being away?


To say that the last week has been a delight would be an understatement.  Parents have worked hard to prepare their children for starting back at nursery, with hand washing and toilet training at the forefront, and children have transitioned back into nursery life with smiles on their faces, eager to see their friends, play in our wonderful garden and get back to that all important busy work that being a young child involves!


Although the coming weeks and months will inevitably bring more challenges to both staff and parents, we hope that the underlying ethos and values of Broomhall Nursery will carry us through these uncertain times and allow us to do what we do best which is to give all our children and families the very best experience we can on their first steps in Early Education.