Summer Term at Broomhall

Most of you will already know that Diane Hetherington, our Head Teacher, is retiring at the end of this month.  Diane has been at Broomhall Nursery for 

nearly eight years and her enthusiasm and passion for Early Years has benefited both children, families and staff alike.  Amongst other things she has introduced the annual Art Show, Science in the classrooms and more recently The Curiosity Approach.  She will be greatly missed by all of us.


Going forward into the Summer Term, Governors have decided to enter into a collaboration with Grace Owen Nursery that will see us share a Headteacher. Both nursery schools will employ an Assistant Head and so create a small leadership team.  We feel this is the best way to ensure we can maintain the outstanding provision that our children already receive from Broomhall Nursery whilst also supporting our whole staff team.


The current Head at Grace Owen nursery school, Nancy Farrow, will become the Head of both schools. Because it takes time to recruit the Assistant Head posts and for Nancy to re-organise her commitments, we aim to start this arrangement from September 2021. To cover the summer term we have secured support from Evelyn Abram, Head at Sharrow Primary school, who will be our interim Head. 


We have a new teacher called Neil Hooker starting from April in the Bungalow.  He will work at the beginning of the week Mon-Wed and Judith will remain working Wed-Fri.  Neil fits into the Broomhall team very well and is also a good male role model for the children.  He comes highly recommended from CER (Teacher Supply Agency) having worked in Early Years, Year One and Year Two.