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On Line Resources for Young Children

Computers are fantastic resources for young children as well as their parents. Using the computer and going online with your child can teach them many useful skills as well as being a fun activity to share together.

Basic keyboard skills: your child will begin to make out letters and numbers on the keyboard and get the idea that they can create words or give answers.

Using the mouse: a great way for your child to develop their fine motor skills whilst learning to navigate around the screen, select different options, click on correct answers.

Having fun: just like sharing a book, playing on the computer can be a lovely close time together.

Learning how to behave on the computer or online: playing together for 10, 15 or 20 minutes and then going to do something else interesting shows children that there are lots of laughs and fun to be had off line as well. Variety is the spice of life for young children. Whilst you are playing on the computer you can also teach your child how to treat and respect this expensive item of equipment.

There are many fabulous resources for children on the Internet. Here are links to some of our favourite sites:


An amazing range of activities with all your child’s favourite CBeebies characters.

Fun with Spot

Young children love the familiarity of everyday situations. Spot takes them to the beach, the garden, and plays a cooking game. Create your own Spot story book, find out about Spot's friends and family, dress up Spot, or watch some video clips! If your child loves Spot, they'll love playing with him in these simple toddler online games


Games and activities with all your favourite CITV characters plus fun, educational sing-a-longs about everything from ‘What’s a Stegosaurus?’ to ‘What’s an Avocado?’

Raring to Go!

Lots of information about what’s on locally and what to do with children in Sheffield.

For children

Our children really enjoy learning and playing together on the interactive whiteboard and computer.

“From a wide variety of starting points, children achieve exceptionally well from the time they join the nursery.  All children make excellent progress.” Ofsted 2014.